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Electronics II QuickStudy Guide 241805 (453)

Transistor as a Switch Differential Amplifiers Operational Amplifiers Ideal Op-Amp Characteristics Op-Amp Operational Parameters Frequency Roll-Off Inverting Amplifier (Virtual Ground Amplifier) Non-Inverting Amplifier Integrator (Low-pass filter) Differentiator (High-pass filter) Level Camping Linear Voltage-to-Current Converters Logarithmic Amplifier Charge Amplifier Precision Rectifier & Peak Detector Voltage Follower (unity gain amplifier) Regulated Power Supply Unipolar Devices Field Effect Transistors (FETs) FET Types, FET Operation Modes JFET: Device Operation Output Characteristics of JFET Linear Operation of JFET, JFET Operation Unipolar Devices: MOSFET Enhancement-Type MOSFET MOSFET Operation MOSFET output characteristics V-I characteristics of enhancement-type MOSFET Diffused-Channel (Depletion-Type) MOSFET Small-Signal Equivalent Circuit & Frequency Response of FETs Common-Gate Amplifier Common-Source Amplifier Common-Drain Amplifier Summary on JFETs & MOSFETs N-channel JFET, P-channel JFET N-channel Depletion MOSFET N-channel Enhancement MOSFET P-channel depletion MOSFET P-channel enhancement MOSFET Digital Electronics Digital Representation, Digital Circuits Boolean Logic & Digital Gates Combinational Gates Representation of Binary Numbers Implementing Logic Functions Using Switches Opto-Electronics Light Emitting Diodes Photodiodes & Solar Cells Integrated Circuits Complementary Metal-Oxide semiconductor Charge-Coupled Devices

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