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Graduation Cap, Gown & Basic Tassel Set
Jostens' Elements Collection includes: dusk cap & gown, and a PCC basic turquoise tassel. This unique regalia carries an environmental story while preserving the elegance and tradition of graduation. The fabric used in the Elements Collection cap, gown, and hood shell is a USDA certified biobased product and has been shown in scientific tests to biodegrade under controlled conditions. It contains 57% biobased content by weight, which significantly exceeds the certification minimum of 25%. * Gowns should be chosen based on your height and weight range. A well-fitted gown should come down between the knee and ankle and remain loose when sitting. ** Please Note: additional and/or larger sizes may be available at the Sylvania Bookstore. Please contact customer service for more information (971) 722-4715.

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